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Educational Ideas — On a Mission to Help Educators,
and Their Students, Excel

Educators open doors and a world of opportunities for their students. But as rewarding as teaching is, it’s a tough job.
That’s why at Educational Ideas we’re dedicated to providing educators with evidence-based programs and
assessments that are designed to save time and support excellent instructional practices. And just as important, our
programs are learner-centered and actively engage students in building their skills and love of learning.

Teaching is one of the most important professions and we are honored to support thousands of educators across the
country as they help their students achieve their full potential.

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Dedicated to the Success of Educators and Students
for More Than 45 Years

Since the day we opened our doors in 1976, Educational Ideas has focused on providing what’s missing to educators.

Whether that’s reliable data to guide instruction, curriculum that fills gaps in other programs, or resources that simplify lesson planning and instruction, the Educational Ideas’ team is passionate about innovating and meeting the needs of today’s educators.

This journey started with our founders, Wanda Ballard and Phyllis Tighe, who recognized that there was a dearth of quality language development materials for English learners and were motivated to launch the IDEA Kit, one of the first comprehensive oral language programs for English learners. Since then, Educational Ideas has pioneered many other award-winning programs and assessments.

Today, our driving force is the educators we serve. The highlight of each day is answering questions, offering solutions, and collaborating with the hardworking teachers and administrators who trust us to help them provide rigorous, engaging, creative, and empowering learning experiences for their students.